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Logging in to control mode/panel

To access the control mode or log in to control panel follow these steps:

Via phone:

  1. Dial your Follow-Me number.
  2. During the greeting, enter your PIN (You are now in the Main Directory).

Via web:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Follow-Me number and PIN.
  3. Click on Login.



There are Extensions to direct your calls. Extensions identify the locations where calls can be directed such as your office or cellular phone. Each Extension is given a 2-digit number (10, 20, 30, etc) and a name that you designate. For Example, Extension 20 could represent your office phone.

Directing calls

Via phone:

Touch 2 from the Main Directory to direct calls.
Enter an Extension:

  • 1 0 (Home-Office).
  • 2 0 (Office).
  • 3 0 (Cellular).
  • 7 0 (Voicemail).

Via web:

Click on the drop-down menu located on the top of every page and select an extension.

  • Phone.
  • Web.

Voice Mail

Via phone:

  • In the Main Directory touch to manage and listen to voice mail.
  • Touch 2 to delete voice mail.
  • Touch 3 to save voice mail.
  • Touch 9 * after listening to a voice mail to instantly call that person back.

Via web:

  • Click on  to access voice mail.
  • Click the icon of the voice mail you want to hear.


Via phone:

  • Touch 3 from the Main Directory to access faxes.
  • Touch 1 to forward all new faxes to a fax machine.
  • Touch 2 to forward all previously delivered faxes.
  • Touch 3 to forward an individual fax.

Via web:

  • Click to manage faxes.
  • To view a fax, click or of the fax you want to view.

Sending group messages

Via phone:

  • Touch 6 from the Main Directory or Voicemail Directory.
  • Follow the recorded instructions.

Placing calls

Via phone:

Touch 9 from the Main Directory to place a call.
When promoted, enter the phone number. Or, touch 6 to use Dial By Name.

Remote call transfer / On-the-fly conferencing

Via phone:

  • Receive or place a call from your AccessLine.
  • Touch # 5.
  • Enter the phone number.
  • When party picks up the phone, touch # 5 again.

Reserving conference calls

Via phone:

  • Touch 7 from the Main Directory to reserve a conference call.
  • Follow the recorded instructions.

Via web:

  • Click on Conference Calling on the left side of the page.
  • Click on Reserve a New Conference Now!
  • Enter the date of the conference.
  • Enter the start time of the conference.
  • Enter the length of the conference.
  • Enter the number of guests desired, both listen only and speaker/listener, for the conference.
  • Enter the Guest Code (4-10 digits) that allows guests to join the conference.
  • Enter the Host Code (4-10 digits) that allows you to join the conference and access host options during the conference.
  • Click on Reserve Conference to confirm and accept the reservation.

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