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Note: If you need more than 4 ports on your router, you need to purchase a switch in addition to the router.  We do not recommend any router that has more than 4 ports - most 8 and 16 port routers are incompatible. Also, it is not recommended to use a router in place of a switch (E.g., to have a router behind the main router solely for the purpose of 'adding more ports').

The most economical switch options are D-Link products, but keep in mind there are many competitively priced switches out there!

  1. DES-1005 - 5 Ports 10/100
  2. DES-1008 - 8 Ports 10/100
  3. DGS-1005 - 5 Ports Gigabit
  4. DGS-1008 - 8 Ports Gigabit

Any un-managed switch will do. If it does not say managed switch or Layer-3, then it is an un-managed switch, which is cheaper and best solution for most customers.

These are available at most local department stores, such as OfficeDepot, Staples, Best Buy, and Target.  They can also easily be purchased online.

Please note that managed switches can be mis-configured in such a way as to prevent your VoIP phones from working properly! We suggest factory resetting a managed switch before installing YOUR COMPANY VoIP phones.

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