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SIP ALG Infographic

What is SIP ALG?

SIP ALG stands for Sessison Initiation Protocol Application Layer Gateway.  It is enabled by default on many commercial routers and internet gateways (modems).

This setting modifies SIP packets, which controls voice calls and faxes.  

Why will SIP ALG affect my phones and faxes?

SIP ALG modifies voice and fax packets to make them appear as if they have a public IP address and are not behind a firewall.  The setting was first designed for old VoIP phone systems that could not work behind a firewall (NAT).

Modern VoIP systems like YOUR COMPANY Cloud Voice are designed to work with phones and fax adapters that are behind a firewall.  This is done to protect you from hackers hijacking your phone equipment and making fraudulent long distance and international calls that run up your bill.

The problem with SIP ALG occurs when our servers send voice and fax data back to your network.  Your router does not know which phone/fax device to send the data back to because SIP ALG removed the private IP address of the phone from the voice/fax packets.  This makes the router unable to keep track of which phone or fax device first sent the VoIP packet.

What issues will SIP ALG cause?

  • One-way audio when first picking up a phone call.
  • Dead air/dropped call when first picking up a phone call.
  • Transferring calls fail.
  • Unable to put a call on hold or park on phones.
  • Unable to retrieve a call off of hold or park.
  • Inbound faxes to a fax machine failing at the start of a fax.
  • Only 1 phone in a hunt group not ringing.
  • Only 1 phone in a hunt group with multiple phones is ringing.

How do I turn off SIP ALG?

The method to disable SIP ALG will depend on your router.  Please search our router/gateway database for instructions for your specific router or internet gateway (modem). 

If your router or internet gateway is not listed, please refer to your manufacturer's user manual.

Alternatively, check the internet and support forums for advice.  Type your router make and model into a search engine, along with "disable SIP ALG" and usually you will be able to find out how to make this change.

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