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YOUR COMPANY offers two headset models for use with our Polycom and Cisco desk phones - wired Jabra GN2120 and wireless Jabra Pro 9460. More information about these headsets can be found here:

Jabra GN2120 Headset

Jabra Pro 9460 Wireless Headset

This article contains our recommendations on headsets for different phone models.

Polycom Phones

Polycom Headset Guide


Yealink Phones

The Yealink Desk phones feature an RJ-9 headset jack and are compatible with both headsets sold by Intermedia.

The Yealink Cordless phones use a 2.5 mm plug that connects to the side of the phone and are compatible with both headsets sold by Intermedia.


Vertical Desk Phones

The Vertical Xcelerator system supports the use of optional third-party headsets.

The desk phone is designed to work with any amplified headset device. Amplified means it must include a powered box in between the phone and the headset. Amplified headsets are the typical business phone headsets. These are connected using a special phone cable, called an RJ-9 connector, that looks similar to a standard analog phone cord, but with a smaller plug.

When using the headset,  press the headset button to get dial tone. Some headsets come with lift attachments, which lift the handset when the headset is turned on. These should not be installed on Vertical phones. If the handset is lifted, the phone will automatically turn off the headset.


Vertical RTX Cordless Phones

The cordless phone is designed to work with cordless/mobile phone headset devices. These devices use a 2.5 mm plug that connects to the side of the phone. Cordless phone headsets do not use an amplifier like the desk phones. These are often marketed for cell phones, but the same headset works for both.


Recommended Headsets (Non-Polycom)

The headset should be amplified for desk phones, or using the 2.5 mm connection for cordless. For any further and deeper questions contact headset specialist. Two suggested companies that specialize in business phone headset hardware are:

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